About Us

About Us

After more than 20 years in the home improvement business, it became apparent that our methods of getting new customer leads needed to change- DRASTICALLY !

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Carlin Stanton, Google Adwords Certified

The old ways were not working anymore – at least,  not near as well as they once did.  Customers were getting internet savvy and asking questions we did not always have the answer to.  They were shopping competitors across the country and telling us about new developments that had not even come to our area yet.

So,  I set off on a quest…In my quest to become internet savvy myself,  I learned how to manage Google Adwords campaigns in order to get new prospects to ring the phones.  Then I studied Search Engine Optimization,  Social Media and Google Places for Businesses.   Over about 4 years of daily Adwords usage and study, I learned how to get my sites found for free,  as well as through the paid online ads.

Those sites transformed the home improvement business for me, but by them, I had found a new love – helping other businesses get found online.  When friends started asking me about helping them get their businesses found on Google and the other search engines,  I realized there was a living to be made, doing work I enjoyed much more than the home improvement business.   Now, I have other people to handle the home improvement businesses so I can concentrate on what’s truly enjoyable and challenging, for the second half of my career.

If you need to sell your products or services just in your local area or all across America, I know what it takes and can handle the whole process for you. ..from building your site, if need be, to using pay per click ads to get you found IMMEDIATELY and then using Search Engine Optimization and Google Places to get you found for free in the long term.

You can concentrate on running your business while I make sure your website pops up whenever someone  in the area you serve is searching for what you do or for the products you sell.   We are Texas based,  but most of our clients are hundreds and hundreds of miles away.  Distance doesn’t affect us in effectively running our business at all.

One company (Will it be yours?) can affect an entire industry, almost overnight, for far less money than any other type of effective advertising would cost.   Lone Star Internet Marketing can light the way!

Call me now for the latest price list and a knowledgeable  discussion of what it will take to dominate your market!

Can’t wait to hear from you…

Carlin Stanton, Google Adwords Certified